Program Fees

Membership Fees

As a non-profit society, we are required to charge a membership fee each year.

 Annual RCCCS Membership     $10.00/family         

Registration Fees

Annual registration fees include the cost of registration paperwork, administration, and staff planning and preparation time. 

 Annual Registration Fee    $90.00/child

Fee Deposit

Prior to starting our preschool, in addition to registration and membership fees, parents/guardians must pay one full month’s fees in advance. The value of this deposit is equal to their final months fees (usually June). If a family has no outstanding debt, RCCCS will use this deposit towards the fees for the child’s final month at Rainbow.

   2018/19  2019/20
 Tues/Thurs (2-day) Fee Deposit   $180   $210
 Mon/Wed/Fri (3-day) Fee Deposit   $240   $280

Monthly Fees

Monthly fees are calculated at our daily rate of $35/day (9am-1pm). Monthly fees are due at the end of each month, and can be made by cash, cheque, money order or e-transfer. Any payments more than 7 days late are subject to a $25 penalty fee. For a full breakdown of monthly fees, please download the relevant documents below.